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美國 強力球
美國 兆彩
台灣 大樂透
台灣 威力彩
香港 六合彩
日本 Loto 6
日本 Loto 7


台灣 今彩539
台灣 39樂合彩
台灣 雙贏彩


台灣 賓果賓果 台灣時間 週一至週日 AM 07:05~PM 23:55
韓國 賓果 南韓時間 週一至週日 AM 00:00~PM 24:00
加拿大 賓果 美中時間 週一至週日 AM 05:30~AM3:30

lot type

PLAY Academy Lottery gameplay Power color

TW Power color

play description

Its selection number is divided into two zones, you must select 6 numbers from the number of 01~38 in the 1th selection area, and choose 1 numbers from the number of 01~08 in the 2nd selection area to place bets, and these 6 + 1 numbers are your betting numbers. At the time of the draw, the lottery unit will randomly open 6 numbers from the number of 01~38 in area 1th, and then randomly open 1 numbers from the number of 01~08 in area 2nd, a group of 6 + 1 numbers, which is the winning number of the power color of the period, also known as the "prize number". In your selection number for area 1th, if you leave any prize number in area 1th of the current period, and area 2nd, the prize number issued for the current 2nd area, that is, the winning Prize (PU Award), and you may receive the prize in accordance with the regulations.

PLAY Academy Lottery gameplay Lotto

TW Lotto

play description

Players choose 6 numbers from the 01~49 to place bets. At the time of the draw, the official lottery unit will randomly open 6 numbers plus 1 special numbers, which is the winning number of the period lotto, also known as the "prize number." of your 6 selected numbers, if there are more than 3 (including 3 numbers) of the 6 numbers issued in the current period (the special number applies only to the second prize, the Restaurant Award, the Land Award and the Qi Award), it is the winning prize and can be redeemed according to the regulations.

PLAY Academy Lottery gameplay Mark Six

HK Mark Six

play description

Mark Six is a player who selects 6 lotteries from 1 to 49 numbers for the winning number and is operated by the Hong Kong Jockey Club, a subsidiary of the Hong Kong Horse Racing Club. Each issue of Mark six stir beads from 49 numbers to stir out 7 numbers. The first 6 numbers are called "stirring numbers," while the 7th number is called a "special number."


Single-Item notes:

Select six different numbers from 1 to 49.


Duplex Note:

Select seven or more different numbers from 1 to 49. Bets can be placed on each HK $ $5"part of the injection unit. For example, 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7, seven number duplex injection items were selected and can be disassembled into seven-note single note:









Bile Towing Items:

Select one to five numbers from 1 to 49 for the Gall, plus the other numbers for the pins, the number of the gall will be included in each injection.

Bets can be placed on each HK $ $5"part of the injection unit.

For example, 1 and 2nd were selected as Gall, 3,4,5,6 and No. 7th as matching feet,

The bets of the two-gall five-pin can be broken down into:


Foot Matching












Every special festival held by the Golden Dorothy stir beads, will be from the Jinduobao pool to set aside the Jinduobao amount, in order to push up the Jackpot fund to a specific amount, for the jackpot winner to bring a more generous bonus. Jinduobao beads are usually held at various festivals each year, such as the Lunar New Year, Dragon Boat Festival and mid-Autumn Festival.

PLAY Academy Lottery gameplay Power Ball

USA Power Ball

play description

Players select 5 numbers in the first arrondissement (69 regular numbers) and 1 numbers in the second arrondissement (26 special numbers), with a total of 9 awards. In addition, players can pay an extra 1 dollars to buy power play to increase the winning amount.

PLAY Academy Lottery gameplay Mega Millions

USA Mega Millions

play description

After the player buys, select 5 numbers from the first zone (70 regular numbers), and then select 1 numbers in the second zone (25 special numbers). With 9 awards, Gogowinners chose the "multiply" megaplier option to give players a greater chance of winning the lottery's huge jackpot.

PLAY Academy Lottery gameplay LOTO 6


play description

LOTO 6 is a bet of 6 numbers selected from "01" to "43".

If you select six numbers from 1 to 43 of the guessing range and match the winning lotto lot 6th code, you will win the lottery! The lottery number is "6 Winning Numbers" plus "1 special numbers" for a total of 7 numbers. Check the number of your choice with the current lottery number, with the jackpot to the 5 prize of the winning opportunity.

The winning amount is based on the total amount of time sold and the number of winners, so the amount of each winning prize will change.

PLAY Academy Lottery gameplay LOTO 7


play description

If you select 7 numbers from the 1 to 37 guessing range that match the Loto 7th code selected in the raffle, you will win the jackpot!

1.Betting method/Selecting numbers first

From the "1~37" number, select 7 different numbers that you think will win the prize, and apply the selected number to the betting application form.

A betting application form can be bet 5 times.

2.Betting Method/betting sub-numbers

Only bet 1 groups do not have to do any filling. When you want to bet on a 2~10 group of lottery tickets, please apply the number of groups you need on the betting list "2~10" the number of ports. " Suppose "The number of 2~10" selects 3 words, indicating each bet 3 groups. "

* If you bet the number from a~e on the betting slip, you cannot specify the number of "ports 2~10" "in a specific range.

3. Purchase method/continue to return number

In addition, when making bets under the same conditions, you can fill in the purchase return number.

You can buy up to five lottery tickets first.

4 Purchasing method/Rapid selection [Quick Pick]

When hesitating to choose what number, quickly select "クイックピック" please mark this field, the computer will automatically help you choose the number.

5. Purchase method/Cancellation

If you want to cancel your betting number, please mark it on the cancellation field.